21 September 2018:  ServiceM8 releases version 7.0.  Wow !!!!  This development team produces more with each release then all the others combined.  Watch the 45 minute release video by ServiceM8 –  here.   There are so many awesome new features you will need to watch at least twice.

31 May 2018:  MYOB will “no longer pursue the acquisition of Reckon’s Accountant Group Assets.  News release here

23 February 2018:  MYOB reports an after tax profit of A$ 60.7 million for 2017 up 16.3% over the previous financial year.  Well done MYOB !  News release here

16 February 2018:  MYOB EXO Business 2018.1 released.

5 December 2017:  Intuit announces the acquisition of TSheets.  News release by Intuit here

16 November 2017:  Reckon  Sells Accountants Practice Management Division to MYOB For $180m.  News release from Reckon via Scoop is here.

September 2017:  ServiceM8 releases exceptionally impressive new features in Version 6.  View the video release here.