“Job Management” is getting the team to work on time.  Or is it ?   Multiple aspects contribute to  “job management”.  Although you’ll  decide what is best for your business ServiceM8 offers a tool chest full of options – pick and choose any combination of tools which meets your unique requirements.

ServiceM8 is a cloud based job management system accessible via the desktop and/or iPads & iPhones.  An infinite array of implementation configurations are possible however, the ‘classic’ configuration would have an office based manager or scheduler booking jobs for field technicians.

Information Retrieval
Job/Staff Location Tracking (GPS)

Recurring Jobs


Materials Quoted/Used
Time Charged

Job Costing
Margin Analysis

Direct, seamless integration to your choice of Accounting Systems Including

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If you have a check list to complete for administrative, health & safety, quality control, or whatever the reason – ServiceM8 can eliminate the need for paper forms.

Required forms are typically pre-assigned to a job, to ensure the field rep is aware of the requirement to complete the form.   The image following (left) includes a reminder within the job checklist to complete a “Take5”  form.

When selected, the mobile device will display questions and/or ask for data entry (image right).




Questions can ask for data, offer multiple choices, simply yes/no, photographs and signatures.

Logic can be built into the electronic form, For example; if the users responds no hazards are observed, the question regarding how the related risk was minimised will not be asked

Forms are entirely user defined and include a vast array of customising options.  The final form is generated as a PDF and can include automatically retrieved  database information from the customer and job records, answers to the questions, any standard text, photos, graphics, field rep, and customer signatures.

The completed form will be:

Instantly available for emailing or SMS to the customer
Instantly update the database – becoming visible on the home office computer
Stored against the specific job – in the cloud – for future reference


A ServiceM8 ‘job’ is like a file drawer or maybe even an entire file cabinet.  Located in the cloud, your documentation is safe and  instantly accessible via your desktop computer or mobile device.  The entire team can drop  ‘stuff’ into the drawer – and ServiceM8 ensures it is ready when you need it.

Like what ?  Like almost anything !  Quotes, Invoices, Time records for all staff working on the job, materials consumed on the job.   The job description, job contact information, site details, ‘ticked off’ completed items, completed forms.  Uploaded job plans, specifications, contracts.  A quick note by staff, emails – even a notation of when your email was opened by the customer, SMS messages.  And my favorite ….. photos

Information Retrieval

Documentation is nearly useless if you can’t find it.

How do you find the job documentation in ServiceM8 ?  Quick and Easy !  Search using the job number, name, customer name, street name, a word from within the job, almost anything you can remember – usually 1 word will do.

The decks are being re-caulked on the good ship Reverie.   We’re using Sikaflex 290dci.   This job is one of hundreds already stored within our ServiceM8 account – and one of dozens related to the Restoration of Reverie.  Enter ‘Sika’ – because I remember we probably made comments about the product within the job documentation.  Instant retrieval of the job we’re looking for – and of course every piece of information we have stored against this job.   Searching on ‘Deck’, ‘Reverie’ or even ‘Port’ (location) finds the job just as quickly – along with countless other search words.

This same instant access is available from your desktop computer or mobile device – All of the information is stored in the cloud.



Mobile staff, office bound team members, the office manager/dispatcher are all constantly ‘connected’ via internal push messaging.






Job/Staff Location Tracking (GPS)

The dispatcher’s map display can be filtered to include a user defined selection of jobs.  The display will indicate both job and staff location.   The real time view of staff proximity to jobs, particularly urgent jobs, enable rapid, efficient scheduling of staff to specific jobs.



Recurring Jobs

‘Recurring jobs’  auto re-schedule in advance of the job date.  The jobs will populate the system based on a user defined time period.

ServiceM8 ‘Recurring Jobs’ are used to schedule jobs where the booking time and staff are known in advance.

ServiceM8 ‘Reminders’  are used where the job will re-occur, however the time and staff member must be confirmed closer to the date.  Reminders would be very commonly used when scheduling periodic – say monthly or annual service contracts where you must communicate with the client prior to the actual scheduling.

Creating a ServiceM8 recurring job includes:

  1. Select an existing customer or enter a new customer
  2. Job Templates can be created to pre-define and further automate the job requirements, otherwise just crate a new job.
  3. The radio button triggers the difference between recurring and reminder.
  4. When automatically scheduling, time, duration and staff member may be preassigned.
  5. Recurrence patters and
  6. Range or recurrence will be familiar to most users of Outlook and similar products.


The setup as illustrated is simply exposing the toolbox.  Set the functionality into action for almost any business which requires almost regular , periodic, or repeat scheduling.  With a bit of ingenuity, the user will be able to auto populate the dispatch board, possibly targeting staff or maybe defined ‘runs’ – with precise time or ‘soft’ times.  Add SMS messages reminding the client and view your preliminary schedule on the dispatch map.  Both scheduling and delivery time will be dramatically improved.


Many “jobbing” focused businesses work with other businesses or trades and “sub-out’ some of the specialty work on a job.  ServiceM8 provides a game changing feature referred to as a ‘Network Request’.

Network Requests enable the user to request a quote or issue a work order to a sub-contractor/trading partner.

Your trading partner dose not need to be created as a “staff” member within your account, nor do they need to be ServiceM8 users.   Trading partners also have the ability to deal with your instructions via a desktop computer, Android or iPhone/Pad.

Network requests are simple and straightforward for both  the issuing company and  the trading partner.   Use of the functionality is free – it’s all included within your ServiceM8 account and will not cost the trading partner anything.


To initiate a request all you need is the trading partner’s email address.


The request which will be sent to your trading partner will include:

  1. Job Contact Details
  2. Job Description – defaulting from your existing description – editable
  3. “Tick Off” – To-Do List, Specific requests for photos (say before/after), specific requests for documents, and or completion of your custom forms.


The progress of working being completed by your trading partner updates your job diary – as the sub-contractor completes each assigned task.  In addition to the overall status, the job diary specifically reports:

  1. Completion of the “Tick-Off” Tasks
  2. Photos (click ‘View’ to see the image)
  3. Requested Documentation
  4. Completion of required forms (click to view the stored PDF)



When do you prepare your quotes ?  Many small tradesmen work all day and tend to “paperwork” including invoicing and quoting late at night.

men-working                                     PaperWork



What if you completed the quote – while on site within seconds.   For ‘simple’ quotes – that is, those which require minimal line items, simply open the job and select the items to be quoted.  If necessary, enter a quantity, ensure you’re happy with the price which will be retrieved automatically and tap the Quote button.

If appropriate for you business, we’ll display a list of customised quote form – otherwise – you could decide to use the same customised form for all quotes.







The customised form will be displayed in all of it’s glory, including  ….. well, just about anything you want on the form.

The quote won’t be of much value unless you send it to your customer …. Choose you delivery method.  SMS is a sure fire, impressive method – Surely you have your prospect’s mobile number already stored on the specific job.   Using SMS almost guarantees, the customer is certain to receive the message – virtually instantly.


















You’ll see, and be able to edit the SMS which is about to be sent.  The illustration also demonstrates what the customer will be receiving – namely a link to the quote which will enable viewing and/or downloading.










Job quoting from within ServiceM8 can range from simplistic to complex and anywhere in-between. For more complex quotes and/or for those who would prefer to work from their computers instead of the mobile devices, the same functionality is available via the mobile or computer.

In most cases we start by selecting “Materials/Service” to the job.Materials & Service items are automatically updated from  your integrated accounting system, added directly to ServiceM8, and/or entered “on-the-fly”.   The associated item name is most efficiently maintained in final or near final form before creating the quote.

The quoting process can therefore quick as selecting an item to quote, enter the quantity if necessary – and that could be it.  Seconds to complete the quoting process.


What’s included on the quote ….. Almost anything you want – the form is user defined, we create individualised forms to suite your business requirements.  Just ask – we are highly likely to say “sure we can”.

  • Keep it simple – 1 page – or as many as you need
  • Standard introductory paragraph …. “Thank your for …..”
  • Terms and conditions – where to send the money.
  • A bit of graphical advertising
  • All the facts, date, quote number, product amounts, tax inclusive/exclusive


Most businesses will be happy to use the same quote form – simply selecting variable items to be included within each form.  If however, you would prefer to have alternative forms which can be selected when for each quote – we can create as many as you need.



Invoice directly out of ServiceM8 – from your mobile device or office computer or if preferred, automatically update your integrated accounting system and release the final form customer invoice from your accounting system.

Invoice forms are customised to include whatever details are desired. A single invoice form can be used, or if desired, we can create a multitude of alternative forms which would be selected by the user when the invoice is issues.  Examples would include:

  1. Header information – Graphics and static details
  2. Footer information – Graphics and static details
  3. Item descriptions – defaulting to standard description and individually editable
  4. Standard ‘boilerplate’
  5. Summary – Tax Exclusive/Tax/Tax Inclusive – and/or summarise labour/materials.
  6. Job billing details – auto retried from the job.


Materials Quoted/Used

“Materials’ to be quoted, or as consumed on the job can be quickly added to the specific job via the user’s computer or mobile device.

  1. From the “Quotes & Invoicing” tab start the process by selecting Add Materials/Services
  2. “Items”, that is, materials & services are sourced automatically  from your accounting system if you opted to integrate with an accounting system or alternative the list can be maintained within ServiceM8 directly.  Use the drop down list to select or just start typing and ServiceM8 will instantly start filtering your list offering probably selection items.   Each mobile device can have “saved searches’ enabling rapid selection of items commonly used by field staff.
  3. Once your item is found, simply select it and ServiceM8 will retrieve the product description and selling price.  Descriptions and prices can be modified – if authorised to make such changes.










Time Charged

Whenever staff check into a job, travel to a job, or an administrator is working on a job, ServiceM8 will be tracking and accumulating the time.


Hover over the time totals to see the staff details.


Double click on the time totals to see the time details in grid form. Once the time is displayed within the detailed grid, click the green plus icon to push the line(s) to the billing section.


ServiceM8 is automatically tracking/accumulating staff time charges from the moment each staff member logs into the job.   There are however times when field staff will be charging the customer based upon minimums and/or rounded time segments.  “Smart Labour” provides for very efficient entry of minimum charges.

  1. The actual time logged into the job is dispalyed (2 minutes 59 seconds)
  2. A labour rate will default, however alternatives can be selected
  3. Round to – or set the time to be billed – Say for example, a 30 minute minimum
  4. The billable amount is calculated and displayed