ServiceM8 Forms enable user defined checklists or other questionnaire style dialogues to be captured via a mobile device, stored on the job record  and optionally sent to a customer.  Not impressed ?  You will be – we’ll show you some examples.   Forms are:

  • Customised to the specific user specifications & reuqirmeents
  • Interactive – via a dialogue with the user
  • Accessed via a mobile device or your office computer
  • Specifically linked to a job
  • Automatically capture static job and customer data
  • Can include logos and other graphics
  • Intelligent – embed logic determines other questions to be asked

Some examples of forms we have created are used to perform the following:

  • Simple or complex health and safety checklists
  • Quality control checklists
  • Government agency specified forms – which actually replicate the government form
  • Up-selling opportunities

Safety Checklists

Take5, Hazard Identification and Mitigation, Vehicle Check – Whatever – We can build it.

When the field rep opens a job on their mobile device, they are instantly shown that a form should be completed for the job.  A simple tap triggers the dialogue.

Form Selection

A business with multiple vehicles might use a standard form, however, specifically select the vehicle when initiating the form.  This selection will  embed the vehicle id with the form.

Vehicle Selection

We strive for data entry efficiency, particularly when dealing with the tradesmen in the field.  If the form is complex, they won’t use it.  If too simple, you risk serious a failure to take the questions seriously.  A technique which has proven to be successful is to offer a quick tick list.  Ticks could be yes – all good – or we could create a form where only issues are ticked.   In this example, we Tick if the response is good.  We do not tick if there is an issue with the selected item.  To illustrate, we are about to report a bit of damage:

Vehicle Damage.png

Efficiency again.  We embed logic to specifically ask for comments – but only for the items reported as issues.  In this illustration, damage was reported by failure to tick the OK on the damage question.  So we ask – What Damage.

These questions can be mandatory or optional.  In this illustration, damage comments are optional.  Efficiency – Click Next and skip the entry – you can push another button to capture a photo.

Damage Comments.png

No question here – just click the big green button to take a photo.

Damage Photo Option.png

Sign it off.  ServiceM8 already knows who yar are – you we can automatically add your name to the form, but just to make it look really official, we’ll ask for your signature.

That’s it – Done !  Form completed and saved in the cloud on the specific job.

In this design we have a shaded column, with word similar to the questions which were answered.  I like the use of a green tick or red cross as they jump out at you.  Prefer a smile face …. OK, we can.   Comments are placed alongside the item with an issue. The photo is embedded within the form.  We’ve limited graphics to our logo – but anything you want is fine.

Completed Vehicle Check.png

What are you going to do with the form.  Maybe nothing.   It’s stored on the job forever, just in case you need it later.   Or alternatively, maybe you do want to use it somewhere right now.   Distribute it anyway you like !


Form distribution.png