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Financial Systems Group implements and supports systems used within your business. We  enable you to run your own business efficiently with systems tweaked to be responsive to your unique requirement.

Our lead consultant, Dan Bloom, is likely to personally manage your project.  Dan is a Certified Public Accountant (Florida, USA) and has been designing, developing and implementing business information systems for decades – essentially his entire professional career. His range of experience includes training as a computer audit specialist (KPMG – Florida, USA)  former Partner in Charge – Information Systems Services – KPMG – Nassau, Bahamas (A decade developing & supporting custom code for the offshore financial industry).  Currently supporting an array of small businesses – mostly in New Zealand.

FSG is highly specialised and focused, not just creating an additional revenue stream to compensate for dwindling compliance work.  In fact we have never done nor do we intend to do any compliance work, bookkeeping or related accounting type services.

We implement systems responsive to your requirements.

ServiceM8 Support


ServiceM8 support is available at any level you might desire. You decide the extent of support that will be best for your business.   We will provide you with a fixed fee quote before we start.

Demo – we’ll  introduce you to ServiceM8.
We’ll specifically discuss & demo functionality of specific interest to you.
The demo is free – Just book a convenient date/time.

Templates – Custom Quotes, Invoices, Work Orders.
emails, SMS messages, Jobs, Network Requests

Forms – Custom interactive forms including
Compliance, Health & Safety, Quality Control, Documentation

Procedures – Specific definition of efficient workflows
including comprehensive user documentation

Accounting Integration – Specific definition of how to integrate with
one of the designated products – or working in conjunction with a non-integrated
accounting system

Staff Training – How to use the system as implemented for you

Full System Implementation – Simple or Complex
Configure, tweak, customise and train your staff.
Includes unlimited ‘how to’ phone/email support

We are focused, and passionate about ServiceM8.   ServiceM8 is the best little piece of software we have ever had the pleasure of working with.  We use ServiceM8 both professionally and when we’re “on the tools”.  Join us for a live demo. – You’ll enjoy seeing real illustrations of how ServiceM8 is being used while we’re on the tools during the restoration of the good ship ‘Reverie’.

Accounting System Support

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Focus, Focus, Focus – It’s your business, your system.  Your objectives do not start with completing tax returns, using a cookie cutter chart of accounts which you accountant likes for all their clients.   Let’s identify what makes your business tick, what will make you more efficient, productive and profitable.  Let’s implement a system focused on the specific, unique requirements of your business.

We’ve been there done that.  From the design of complex enterprise level systems to the implementation of entry level software for tiny business.  We’ve cleaned up countless messy installs previously implemented by unqualified folks, migrated to the cloud, moved out of the cloud back to the desktop, converted “invoicing factories” to full feature accounting systems,  converted from one system to another and of course implemented entirely new systems.

Why the collection of badges ?

These are the systems we acknowledge as ‘best of breed’.
One system does not fit all – we’ll recommend the best fit for your business.
The badges are qualifications – We’ve trained, tested and maintain competence.

Are there other alternatives – Of course – lots – Let’s discuss what you need.