Alternative Reckon Accounts Platforms

In 2012, with Gavin Dixon at the helm, my reading of the direction of Reckon/QuickBooks was, without doubt, signaling the death of QuickBooks desktop.

2013 – Gavin  quietly disappeared from the Reckon team and a new, quite vibrant group of managers claimed to be committed to  Reckon’s commitment to  ‘equally’ to advancements and support of all three platforms. To quote the new management team ‘One size does not fit all’ (think I have actually said that before – not all that new or clever, but indeed promising).

2016 – The public face of Reckon is still claiming to be fully supportive of each of the dramatically different platforms.  Yes the products are all still alive – and yes each is receiving some development attention.  As an outside observer, it would however appear, that the favoured child is ‘Reckon One’ – the introductory cloud offering.

Desktop: Is the traditional software installed on computers owned and managed by your business.  The Reckon Accounts Desktop product is based on the QuickBooks source code.  Most of that code is very, very old and has received very little enhancement for a very long time – particularly since the divorce from Intuit.

The underlying software design is almost impossible to fault – the design is fabulous. Incredibly easy to use and exceptionally intuitive.  It’s been recognised as an outstanding design for decades – the de facto standard for the US market for more years than we can remember.   The software is feature rich, comprehensive – truly a full feature accounting system.

Hosted is essentially the same software found in the desktop solution. The difference is the software and your data are all stored on Reckon’ s computers …. in a far away place.

For many years, the infrastructure used by Reckon to access the software was – well diabolical – access and usage was error prone, problematic and grossly undependable.

From being an early adapter, and supporting the product – we ultimately refused to support or recommend the hosted option.

2016 – Reckon has finally fixed the vast majority of issues and Hosted is now considered a viable alternative.  ‘Hosted’ is Reckon Accounts – Enterprise Edition.  Accessible via the internet – using desktop computer or tablets.   If you have a good internet connection, and have a requirement for remote access – Hosted is an option.

Cloud is an entirely new piece of software now released and branded ‘Reckon One’…. Reckon One has a new look and feel – nothing like what you’ve been accustomed to over the years with QuickBooks solutions. The software and your data will be installed on Reckon’ s computers …. also in a place far away from home.

Reckon One is Reckon’s challenge to Xero and MYOB Essentials.  If considering this level of product, each of the three should be reviewed.  Reckon’s very late entry to the market will find the maturity of their competition to be difficult, if not impossible to possibly catch up.


Which is best ? …. Well just how long is a string ? One size doe not fit all, but one of these options might be a perfect fit for your business. If not, not to worry, yes there are other options.