First things first – the name – MYOB EXO.  Yes, MYOB owns the software but the product is absolutely nothing like the boxed MYOB Account Right software found at your local retail shop.  MYOB EXO is an Enterprise level, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed for the larger, complex, and/or expanding business.  MYOB EXO, once marketed as “Exonet”, prior to the MYOB acquisition, is a SQL based solution, intended to be customised and tweaked to be responsive to your business requirements.
MYOB EXO is not intended for the mum and pop shop. However, to be fair, we do support more than one successful business which is family owned and operated. Although such businesses are operated by a small dedicated staff, their system requirements exceed the functionality typically available within the boxed, shelf products.
MYOB EXO is intended for a growing and/or complex business environment. Although the standard software suite includes a vast array of traditional management and accounting functionality, we still view MYOB EXO as a ‘framework’ with a comprehensive tool kit which enables us to tweak, twist, and add highly customised functionality responsive to your specific business requirements.

Unlike the boxed products – where one size fits all –MYOB EXO is intended to be customised to suit your needs. Although we’ll probably deliver 80% of your requirements ‘out of the box’ – we have the ability to achieve the remaining 20% thru customised processes and reporting.   The underlying database is not only open and available to the developer, the suite includes an outstanding array of tools to access the data and deliver it to management when, and how you deem appropriate to maintain your leading edge.

A typical ‘good fit’ business environment would include some of the following attributes

Larger, growing, and/or more complex businesses
Multiple locations, branches and/or warehouses
Importing/Exporting or other needs for foreign currency management
Strict accounting rules and procedures
Complex workflows
Access control and security
Precise costing of stock including all associated landing and shipping costs
Serial number tracking
Batch number and expiry date tracking
Advanced stock control including automated purchasing
Highly customised management reporting
Works orders and assembly of goods
Job Costing functionality
Real time graphical reporting of virtually any specific data within the database
Payroll requirements for large numbers of employees including HR management
Specialised reporting requirements
Graphical reporting requirements
Integrated CRM including campaign management and social media integration