It still comes as a shock to observe so many businesses relying upon the whiteboard for scheduling.  Very intelligent managers, equipped with the iPhones, iPads and laptops are far too often found  returning the office to ‘work on the schedule’.


A simplistic view of scheduling is essentially a matrix, of jobs/events plotted on a from with one arises being staff/machine etc and the other being Time – eg day/time.

Introducing – the ServiceM8 electronic ‘whiteboard’.  ServiceM8 is entirely cloud based.  Jobs booked by the dispatcher/office manager  populate the calendar with just a few clicks.  The jobs are assigned to the appropriate staff member and the scheduled job – with complete details nearly simultaneously ‘pops’ on the field technician’s iPhone or iPad.


The desktop version of the ServiceM8 scheduling board is optionally displayed as  the matrix illustrated above or as a conventional calendar style.  New jobs are created from this display, and assigned to a staff member for a specific date/time.

  • Urgent jobs can be assigned to a staff member
  • Jobs can also  be booked to a ‘soft’ scheduled time such as ‘early morning’
  • Jobs can be dropped into user defined Queue