MYOB as in ‘Mind Your Own Business’ is,the leading supplier of accounting software for the small/medium business within Australia and New Zealand.  Although constantly challenged for the title by Reckon and now more so by Xero, the second place contenders have some considerable catching up to do.

MYOB offers alternative software suites which can legitimately respond to the needs of tiny mum/pop businesses to some of the largest and most complex businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand.  Contenders will frequently make the same claim, however the contender’s fine print is likely to read, or should read …… 1) with addon software and/or 2) like watching paint dry.

MYOB can legitimately support a vast range of business complexity and size because they they offer entirely different products.  “Essentials” is the tiny cloud competitor purpose build to run in the cloud – read – Xero competition whereas MYOB EXO and MYOB Advaced are Enterprise solutions  which can do ….. well, almost any accounting and reporting task, with speed and elegance.

Essentials:   A browser based system which can be used from a PC, Mac or tablet.  The software suits mum/pop businesses where the owners would not know a debit from a credit – nor would they care to know.

AccountRight Live:    A ‘hybrid’ solution –  or more appropriately, a brilliant hybrid solution.  Reasonably sophisticated accounting functionality and reporting, obviously designed using the predecessor product retaining the loyal customer base within minimal transitioning issues.  The brilliance within the design is that the product can be used exclusively in the cloud, exclusively as a desktop product, or a combination of both options.  Clouds are known to produce rain ….. when it happens, retreat to the desktop.