The Job Safety Analysis includes 3 distinctive sections:

PPE – Personal Safety
Site Safety Checks
Working At Heights

All questions are presented using the rapid entry tick box selection technique. The user is presented with up to 10 items per screen to tick off as safe & compliant. If the item is not considered safe and/or compliant the user will be asked if the item is considered necessary or asked to enter a free format explanation. A compliant item displays with a green tick on the generated PDF whereas a non compliant item will appear as a red X on the PDF. Items with a red X will also include either a quick entry “not required” or a user entered explanation.

The working from heights section uses a slightly different approach. The user will select what access method(s) are being used, namely ladders, scaffolding and/or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. For each access method to be used, the user will be presented with an extensive list of recognized safety steps. The rapid entry selection process of ticking items from the list will load the selected item to the form. Any item selected will appear on the generated PDF. Listed items not selected will not be included on the generated PDF.


On opening the form the initial list of personal safety items will be displayed. To enable rapid data entry, the list uses a word or phrase. Simply tap the line if the item is OK. A green tick will be displayed on the mobile and the generated form. The generated PDF will include more information – for example, the line for Hard Hats automatically includes “Hard hats should be worn in any area that has the potential for workers to be hit or struck by falling, fixed, moving or protruding objects.”

If the item is not OK – no not required – do not tap the line. Additional input will be enabled if a line is not ticked, however, the option to input additional information is not displayed if the item is ticked.

Site Checks

The next list of items relates to health and safety checks for the site. The process is exactly the same as illustrated for PPE. Note that this illustration did not tick “Materials Stored”.

Failure to tick an item will display an option to very quickly tick “Not Required”. If user comments are appropriate select “Material storage not required because” – the user will then be able to enter text after “because”. The full comment will be included on the generated PDF.

Height Option

The user is asked if working from heights should be addressed. If “No” – that’s the end of the questions. If however “Yes” is selected, the form will navigate thru the height options.

Working from heights is evaluated for 3 different access methods. Each access method will include best practice guidelines to ensure the safety of all. Each access method which will be used on the site is ticked from the 3 listed items. If an access method is ticked here, additional data entry screens will be displayed. If an access method is not ticked here, you will not see any additional questions for that method.

Each selected access method will display a list of recommended safety procedures. Scaffolding has 2 pages of items whereas ladders and MEWP have a single page of options. The user is to tick all of the safety options which will be used on the site. If the option is not applicable or will not be used on the site, don’t tick the line.

On completion of the data selection process, the user will be asked to sign the form

The Generated PDF

The header of the generated PDF will include the company logo and form title. The ServiceM8 job number will auto populate the form. The job number is know as the form is being completed from a specific job. We also auto populate the job address in the header.

All of the text in the right column auto populates. In addition to the displayed test, any item which has been flagged an nor required or an issue will include additional user comments in the right column

The site safety checks section uses the same display techniques as used by the PPE section. Items not ticked will display a red X as illustrated. “Material Storage not required” (Highlighted in the illustration – Highlight is not in the PDF) was loaded via a single tick within the mobile dialogue – alternatively, the user could have entered text.

The Working at Heights section will include all items ticked from the list on the mobile device for each respective access method.

The bottom of the PDF includes the user’s signature. The user name auto populates as the logged in user completing the form. The date also auto populates from todays date.