Time Tracking is fundamental requirement for the vast majority of businesses – in almost every industry.  Most people are paid based upon the amount of time spent and many businesses bill those hours to customers.

Tracking of staff hours is done via countless techniques, from bio-metrics to the pencil and paper.  Not withstanding vast improvements in technology, a huge percentage of businesses are still front ending sophisticated automated systems with a manual time sheet.

Since very close to all of us have one of these in our pocket and/or spend most of our working day in front of a computer – the obvious is quite intuitively obvious – capture our time via one of these devices.














MobileUsage.jpgCapture the time now …. wherever you are – tag the time in, and time out – as, when  and where it happens.   Chargeable time, not chargeable, not sure to classify the work done.  No problem – we’ll fix that later – The important, vital component of accurate time tracking is the initial recording of the event.


Approve the time.  The raw data, captured from mobile and office staff can be reviewed by their managers.  Time entries can be interrogated and modified if necessary.  Mobile time entries include GPS coordinates of what device was used on the clockin/out plus a ping plotting location every 10 minutes if the employee is on the move.


Update the associated system(s).  The time capture function is  primarily a ‘front-end’ data capture routine, which is intended to pass ‘clean’ time transactions to the next system.   The next system can be QBOnline, Reckon Accounts or essentially any other accounting/payroll system which is capable of importing a data file.