The trailer safety checklist forms are offered in alternative formats. Both forms use the tick box style selection wherein the user simply ticks a selected item. One alternative has the user select each item inspected and found to be good (Positive Trailer Check) whereas the alternative has the user select only those items which are of concern (Negative Trailer Check). The Positive form will require lots of ticks (slightly more time) vs the Negative form which only ticks items of concern (very rapid completion).

Negative Trailer Check
Positive Trailer Checklist

In both cases:

  • “OK or good” will be displayed on the generated form as a green tick. Any item flagged as being a concern will appear on the generated for with a red X.
  • Any issues will offer the user the option to enter free form text describing the issue.
  • Photos of issues can be added to the form
  • The user will be expected to sign the form.
  • The form will automatically generate a notification in the ServiceM8 inbox if service or admin attention is required. (Requires the user to activate the automation add-on)