TSheets is the number one time tracking system on the planet.  Seriously !  To hold the absolute top ranking app for QuickBooks, TSheets had to earn their position.  One quick look at the product will no doubt confirm why they are so highly regarded by users around the globe.


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Mobile Time Cards
Electronic Time Sheets
GPS Tracking
‘Crew’ Check In/Out
Manager Time Editing & Approval
PTO (Paid Time Off) Tracking
Simplified payroll
Alerts & Reminders
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GPS Tracking

GPS_IIF.jpgKnow where your employees are in real time.   GPS Tracking shows who is on the clock, and where they are.  Location information is recorded when the employee clocks in, changes job codes, adds notes, or clocks out. GPS location points are also recorded at regular 5–10 minute intervals while the employee is on the clock and the location points are stored, as an integral component of the time record, enabling future review and occasionally disputes resolution.

GPS Movement tracking – Archived against the specific time sheet.


When the employee is on ‘smoko’ (break for our North American Friends), lunch, or clocks out for the day, the GPS Tracking is automatically disabled to avoid the inevitable complaints regarding privacy.

Admins and managers are only able to view GPS points when the employee’s device is able to connect to WIFI or a data network. However, GPS points are still being taken, and once the employee comes back into WIFI range or connects to a data network, the device will sync and GPS points will be recorded.

GPS Position when on the clock – stored against the time sheet:


Employees can clock in from their workstations, laptops, tables, or mobile devices. iPhone and Android apps enable clocking in with a click, and allow for switching between jobs or tasks with just a click or two.

Mobile Time Cards

The most efficient method of tracking time, is via the mobile app.  Users tracking time to specific jobs and/or work functions can very quickly tap the Switch button to select a new job, or new work function.












Customer, Billable and Service Item – illustrated on both displays are being captured as required data elements when interfaced to either Reckon Accounts or QuickBooks Online.  The mobile on the  left is talking to a QBO instance whereas the mobile on the right is talking to Reckon Accounts.

The illustration on the right has an addition, user defined field being used to capture the specific task being worked on.

Data captured via the mobile time cards can be customised for each TSheets site.

Mobile Time Sheets

Manual time sheets are typically used by desk bound workers – and for those workers who do not enter exact clock-in/clock-out times for each job or task.

The image following is as seen from the online version.





Bulk hours can be entered as a time sheet entry on the mobile device (Enter Hours Only – Right Image).  The user may also be authorised to manually enter time and out on a time sheet style entry.

If authorised, the timesheet data can be viewed and edited on via a list display on the mobile device.


Managers/job supervisors can be authorised to control the check In/Check Out process for entire job crews.  Just a few clicks by the manager will put the crew on the clock.  Individual team members or the entire team  can then be updated as individuals or the team starts a new job or task.

Alternatively, the manager can also enter bulk time entries  – instead of the precise time clock entries




The ‘mothership’ is of course updated immediately indicating all team member clocked in by the manager.



Accounting Integration

QBOnlineReckon Logo-Vertical



Time entered by the employee and subsequently  approved by a designated manager can be transferred to your integrated accounting system including QBOnline by Intuit or Reckon Accounts Desktop.

Time which has been passed to QBOnline or Reckon Accounts can then be used within the accounting system to enable job costing, payroll processing, and customer invoicing.

Simplified Payroll

TSheets automatically uploads time tracked in TSheets to the weekly timesheets in Reckon Accounts, making your employee times easy to find in your Employee Center or Employee List in your Reckon file.

Using this seamless integration with Reckon Accounts, TSheets becomes invaluable by eliminating the hassle of manual timesheets and duplicate data entry, saving you hours while processing payroll.

Tracking Employee Paid Time Off

If  your business  tracks employee time off, TSheets  will track defined leave balances, updating the balances as the PTO codes are used within a TimeSheet. Employees can request time off directly from the mobile app, and managers can approve the request just as easily.


Employee Alerts and Reminders

Some employees simply need a bit of a reminder to clock-in/ clock-out.  Managers and the office will be aware of ‘who is working’ as the list of clocked in employees is constantly displayed.  To ease the burden of chasing employees to clock-in, TSheets will send automatic reminders to the staff  via their mobile devices.  TSheets will also  notify managers if daily or weekly limits are approaching the overtime threshold

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